Viruses of Microbes 2020 Webinar Series: Take a walk on the VoM side

Due to the COVID-19 crisis the Viruses of Microbes 2020 conference (VoM2020), as you know, is postponed to July 2021. The VoM2020 organizing committee with the ISVM support believe it is an opportune time to consolidate and stimulate connections among the diverse community working on viruses of microbes (VoM). Therefore, we are promoting six engaging web events spotlighting the most recent advances in: ecology and evolution of microbial viruses; virus structures and function; virus-host interaction (overcoming cell barriers/molecular mechanisms); agro-food, veterinary and environmental biotechnology applications; and biotechnology applications in health care, the six topics covered by VoM2020.

This will not replace the physical event that will take place on the 5th-9th July 2021, in which much more scientific discussion and networking opportunities will accord along with the exciting social programme in the beautiful city of Guimarães, Portugal.

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