Announcing iVoM Season 2!

Many of us are excited for the upcoming Viruses of Microbes (VoM) conference finally taking place summer 2022 in Portugal (after being rescheduled from 2020). In collaboration, the International Society for Viruses of Microorganisms (ISVM), Phage Directory, and the organizers of VoM 2022 are excited to announce Season 2 of iVoM, a series of online lectures from prominent researchers studying viruses of microbes. Seven sessions will run from December 2021 to May 2022, in the lead-up to the exciting in-person version of VoM, July 2022.

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Visit the VoM2020 YouTube channel for Season 1 videos.

Dear Phage Community,

We hope this second season of iVoM events will enable you to connect more with the ISVM society, which now has close to 800 members from over 40 countries. As you may know, ISVM membership remains free, so please consider registering to be informed about upcoming conferences, news from our society and having your voice heard within the ISVM organization.

For this second iVoM season, we’re requesting a small contribution from senior scientists (50€ for the entire season 2; 100€ for industry members) to allow us to cover the expenses and logistics for this online conference. In addition, any additional income will flow directly to the organization of the three upcoming VoM meetings in Portugal, Georgia and Australia. We have made the event free for all PhD students and for researchers from low and middle income countries. We thank you in advance for this contribution and of course for your active participation in this exciting event.

— Prof. Rob Lavigne, ISVM President

Register for the iVoM Event Series

iVoM Season 2 is a series of online lectures from prominent researchers studying viruses of microbes, running monthly from Dec 2021-May 2022.

For the remainder of the series, we are asking you to pay for the series in an effort to fund ISVM. As a registered member, you also get to view all previously recorded webinar events on a member page.

  • Students, Scholarships, Low-Middle Income, Sponsors: free
  • Academia, Government and Nonprofits: €50
  • Industry: €100

For the next event, Zoom invites will only go out to those who have registered for Season 2. These funds will help ISVM better run future events. Thank you for understanding!

Please use the same email for registration and payment, as we use your email to link your account

~ The ISVM iVoM team

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